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We custom make all tables to the specific needs of your establishment.  All table tops can be made in various colors & sizes.
Please call our office for design, size and quantity requirements for your new or existing restaurant or bar.

Square Table with Black Cross Base

Rectanglar Table
with Double Black Cross Base

Round Table with Round Base

square Table
with Chrome Cross Base

Rectanglar Table with Double Black Round Base

Rectanglar Table
with Double Black I-Base


Table tops are custom made in wide range of colors and sizes.


Table bases are

available in 29" Dining Height or 41" Bar Height

Some styles in are stock & some styles are special orders

Table Tops and Bases Guidelines

Table Top Size:

24" Square or Round

30" Square or Round



30"x36" Rectangle

30"x36" Rectangle 

30"x42" Rectangle


36" Square or Round

42" Square or Round

54" Round   


72" Round

Table Base Size:

18" Round - Light Weight

18" Round - Medium Weight

18" Round - Heavy Weight


20" Round - Medium Weight

20" Round - Medium Weight

20" Round - Heavy Weight


22" Round - Light Weight

22" Round - Medium Weight

22" Round - Heavy Weight


28" Round - Medium/Heavy Weight

Table Top Size



30"x32" Rectangle

36"x42" Rectangle

36"x48" Rectangle


42" Round

54" Round

54" Round

60" Round

Table Base Size:

I-Bolt Down Base


22"x22" Cross Base

22"x30" Cross Base

24"x30" Cross Base


30"x30" Cross Base 

33"x33" Cross Base

36"x36" Cross Base

40"x40" Cross Base

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