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We have selections of upholstery fabrics & Viyls local and mainland stock. Solids . Tropical . Contemporary . Traditional . . . for commercial and residential use


The fabric you choose will make a big impact on your next upholstery project. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the fabric based on the furniture style, size, where the furniture will be placed and how the furniture will be used...


  • Type of Furniture: First basic question is to ask what type of furniture piece is being covered and its character. Example, traditional furniture frames generally look best with traditional style of fabric.

  • Size of Furniture & Room: Second, make sure the scale of the pattern appears appropriate to its size and size of the room. Larger repeating patterns look better in larger rooms.

  • Mood of the Room: Third, Determine whether the color is warm or cool, and make sure it fits the mood of the room, whether it's formal, relaxing or fun.

  • Traffic of Usage: Next, choose a fabric to meet the demands of its durability and stain resistance. For example, if it will be used a lot around small children, many guests and pets, you may want to consider darker colored fabrics that do not show dirt easily.

  • Durability: Last but not least, choose the durability of fabric also according to the traffic of usage. Choose tough, tightly woven fabrics for furniture in heavily trafficked areas to last you longer. Also remember to choose fabrics that offer stain resistance.

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